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Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Alternative Therapies


Traditional eastern practices are an excellent compliment to traditional western psychology. Such practices have been proven to be effective in the healing process.

If interested, the option to infuse mindfulness practices such as deep breathing techniques, guided meditation, and yoga with traditional approaches to therapy, is available upon request.

Mindfulness practices are beneficial in the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma, and other physiological and psychological concerns. By learning how to stay in the present moment and tap into our bodies, we become more mentally aware of the thoughts and feelings that distract us or get in the way of keeping positive.

Yoga in particular, has limitless positive benefits that can assist in healing and achieving overall health and wellness. For an example, it can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, enhance sleep, increase mood and energy levels, and increase strength and flexibility in the body.

Yoga can be modified to meet your needs and abilities.

Please wear comfortable clothing if yoga is a part of your treatment regimen.

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