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Therapeutic Services

Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process tailored to meet your individual needs. People seek out individual therapy for a variety of reasons. People can find themselves stuck in old familiar patterns that are challenging to change. However, gaining insight into patterns, can help you create change and develop new ways to meet your needs and achieve your goals. We will explore what has shaped you to become the person you are today, which will assist in gaining a deeper understanding of the current relationship you have with yourself and others. Through self-exploration, self-transformation is possible.


  • Relieve stress, anxiety, and/or depression, and enhance your mood

  • Cope with stress by learning stress management strategies and skills

  • Regulate your emotions and improve interpersonal relationships

  • Deepen the connection you have with yourself through self-exploration

  • Further understand healthy relationships

  • Communicate your emotions more effectively

  • Identify personal boundaries and how to set and hold healthy boundaries

  • Learn how to re-connect with your partner and enhance intimacy

  • Gain support during difficult life transitions

  • LGBTQ+ mental health and sexual orientation questioning

  • Heal from stressful and traumatic experiences

  • Work through grief and loss

  • Learn ways to navigate career development

Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, you and your loved one will learn how to mindfully navigate through the difficulties you are facing together.  Couples therapy provides a safe space, creating the opportunity for both partners to truly listen to one another and see where they are coming from. It can be highly beneficial to have an unbiased counselor listen, validate and normalize situations causing turmoil in your relationship. It also helps to identify the strengths in each other in order to help partners problem-solve and tackle solutions in a healthy manner. Additionally, you may find it helpful to learn tools to handle thoughts and emotions that arise during conversations and disagreements. It's important to be mindful that you and your partner are a team that have the ability to evolve and grow together.


  • Find support during life’s transitions

  • Learn to communicate in a more mindful, healthier and effective manner

  • Learn triggers that lead to arguments/conflicts or quarrels

  • Develop strategies to alter the way you and your partner interact during disagreements

  • Reduce conflict and bitter or resentful feelings you have towards one another

  • Deepen the level of intimacy and connection within the relationship

  • Discuss and explore if an open relationship is right for you and your partner 

  • Find ways to reignite the spark that still resides in the both of you


Family Therapy

Family therapy can help to create harmony and better align the family unit by becoming more intentional and mindful of the way your family operates. It is very difficult to treat an individual without addressing the family as a whole. Therefore, family therapy is highly encouraged and has many benefits. Some include, helping navigate circumstances that create strain by supporting parents with their concerns and issues about their loved ones, empowering parents to become the experts on how to best support their children, and encouraging children to communicate with their parents to help foster a healthy relationship and become more connected with the family.


  • Learn to differentiate and understand normal child development vs. behavioral issues or mental health concerns

  • Enhance and strengthen the overall relationships between one another and feel more connected as a family unit

  • Improve upon communication strategies and listening skills so that everyone can express themselves fully

  • Gain more understanding about healthy boundaries and expectations

  • Understand how certain circumstances are creating a strain

  • Supporting families through:

    • Divorce, Separation and/or Life Transitions

    • Healing from Traumatic Wounds

    • Loss and Grief

    • Sibling Rivalries


Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Alternative Therapies

Traditional eastern practices are an excellent compliment to traditional western psychology. Such practices have been proven to be effective in the healing process.

If interested, the option to infuse mindfulness practices such as deep breathing, guided meditation, and yoga with traditional approaches to therapy, is available upon request.

Mindfulness practices are beneficial in the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma, and other physiological and psychological concerns. By learning how to stay in the present moment and tap into our bodies, we become more mentally aware of the thoughts and feelings that distract us or get in the way of keeping positive.

Yoga in particular, helps build resiliency, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, decrease insomnia/enhance sleep, increase mood and energy levels, and increase strength and flexibility in the body, among many others positive benefits that can assist in healing and overall, achieving better health and wellness.

Yoga can be modified to meet your needs and abilities.

Please wear comfortable clothing if yoga is a part of your treatment regimen.

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